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Aqua-Resin, made by R.L. Lucas, is a resin/plaster composite which is much harder than plaster (but not as hard as resin) and does not chip as easily. A bonded bronze has atomized bronze powder embedded into the first layer (sixteenth of an inch) of the sculpture, so that acid patinas will oxidize the metal similar to the way real bronzes are patined.

Aqua-Resin is safe and nontoxic.

All prices listed for Aqua-Resin casts are for Aqua-Resin Bonded Bronze.

Aqua-Resin sculptures can be kept outdoors if properly sealed.

For more information on Aqua-Resin, visit R.L. Lucas' site at http://www.rllucas.com/

I currently do not have the facilities to cast resin sculptures myself, so if you would prefer resin bonded bronzes to Aqua-Resin bonded bronzes then it will be more expensive.

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