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Bronze sculpture - Come With Me

Photo by D. James Dee

Come With Me
Summer 1999
12½ x 17½ inches
Bronze edition of 15

"Come with me", by Elijah Kaufman, is an allegory of the end of a relationship. Sometimes an individual wants to go his/her own way. However, feelings of guilt can make him/her choose to abandon his/her chosen path. A person may engender possessiveness, jealousy, self-pity and dependancy, and use force or guile to prevent their partner’s leaving.

Does the man ask the woman to come with him?
Does he demand it?
Does the woman?
Will he go with her?
Willingly or with reservations?
Will she go with him?
If they part, will they part amicably?
Will they see each other again?

To inquire about this sculpture, please email elijah@kaufmangallery.com.

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